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Selling Real Estate

Providing guidance and support throughout the sales process

Repair home
wear and tear

Determine where your current home needs improvement. Some fixes are cosmetic and you may be able to them handle on your own. Other problems are more significant and may require item replacement and/or hiring home maintenance professionals

Enlist a Real
Estate Professional

So how do you choose the right agent? Asking friends, family, and colleagues for referrals is a start, but be sure to narrow it down by location. You’ll want to find an agent who has recent experience in your area and will know how to market your house locally.

Price your
current home

Setting the right price for your property is a delicate balancing act. Aim too high and your home might sit on the market for months, and possibly not sell at all. Price it too low and you miss the potential for a more lucrative outcome.

your home

Today, the Internet, mobile apps, and direct contact with a real estate professional are the main sources of home information for searching buyers. Other sources are yard signs, open houses, newspaper and real estate magazine ads, homebuilders, and television.

Prepare your
home for showings

Putting your home on the market is like putting up a profile on an online dating service. Put your best face forward, minimize flaws, and set the stage for an appealing match. Systematically address each room and living area, and pare down with vigor. 

different offers

Most negotiations proceed without much difficulty. If there are obstacles, your agent will be your strongest ally. The buyer’s agent will deliver the offer to your agent, who will then present it to you. Closely review the details of the offer together with your agent. 

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